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The Flying Pig 2017 Recap - Having a Pace Chart For Your Life - Episode 11

May 21, 2017

I completed my 7th half marathon the first weekend in May. Cincinnati was an exciting venue to run in. There were thousands of runners and even more spectators making it an adrenaline run of a race! And - it was my fastest half marathon ever. I was priviledged to run for Michael Stangelo - a United States marine who sadly lost his life to the PTSD he suffered through after returning from Iraq. In doing so I got to represent a great organization - 22 Too Many. It was also a weekend of meeting up with many friends, and creating some lifelong memories. That is often the greatest part of these race weekends. Enjoy my recap of the Flying Pig 2017.

What you'll hear:

  • Thank you to my friend Kimberly Yenser for sponsoring this episode through my Patreon Page
  • Those stupid 26.2 stickers - which I proudly display on the back of my car
  • Running for Michael Stangelo
  • 22 Too Many
  • The 8-minute mile health insurance discount - I don't get one by the way. 
  • Passion - we find it, it doesn't find us. And it's usually found when we tackle pain and suffering. 
  • Having a pace chart for life. 


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