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Running the Hokie Half Marathon for Hurricane Harvey Relief in Texas - Episode 28

September 11, 2017

What you'll hear in this episode:

God put it on my heart to run the Hokie Half Marathon in Blacksburg, Virginia on September 17 to support the hurricane relief efforts in Texas. I made a connection which I talk about in this podcast with St. Andrews Church. In this episode I talk with Father Jim Liberatore, one of the spiritual leaders of the church. He says the following about St. Andrews' work in the Pearland, Texas community:


"Many churches establish themselves by looking inward and taking care of the family but don't necessarily look outward. My understanding of reading scripture and from some people like John Wesley see that we have a mission to the community and I've basically encouraged the congregation over the years to see the walls collapse of the church and that the parish, the church walls, actually become the community, so that we are the pastors of the community, we are lovers of the community."


I hope you'll listen to more of Father Jim's words in this interview. They are behind my commitment to run the Hokie Half Marathon to support hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Texas. 


If you would like to donate please go to: Donate To Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts Through St. Andrews Church

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 Introduction and closing song: One Flame to Burn (Prospect 7)


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