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Jodi Stoner’s Boston Marathon Run for River_ Episode 52

April 22, 2018

What you'll hear on this episode:

Back in the fall of 2017, I interviewed Jodi Stoner for the first time. She told us how her running journey began, and how it led her to 6 year old River. River has Spina Bifada. Jodi didn't know much about the congenital defect of the spine at the time, but she learned about it as she fell in love with little River and became passionate about supporting him. 

When we talked she had already qualified for the 2018 Boston Marathon. She was training for it. She was looking forward to running this dream marathon for River. 

And then she showed up in Boston last week. The race turned out to be anything but what she had pictured. Heavy rain, cold temperatures and 50 mph winds made the conditions historically challenging. In this interview, Jodi takes us through the mental challenges of the day, and how she ultimately achieved her dream. 

She is a Boston Marathoner. 



Introduction and closing song: One Flame to Burn (Prospect 7)


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