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Interview With Robyn Larkin - 22 Too Many - Episode 8

April 30, 2017

What a pleasure it is today to talk to my friend Robyn Larkin. Robyn has faced the challenges of running, used those challenges to inspire others, and is now fighting for those facing unimagineable challenges in their lives. 


What you'll hear today:

  • Megsmiles Supporters
  • The Marine Corps Marathon
  • Passion - late 12c., "sufferings of Christ on the Cross," from Old French passion "Christ's passion, physical suffering" (10c.), from Late Latin passionem (nominative passio) "suffering, enduring," from past participle stem of Latin pati "to suffer, endure," possibly from PIE root *pe(i)- "to hurt" (see fiend).
  • "Trust your training, it's a very overused phrase, but it's absolutely true" - Robyn 
  • 22 Too Many
  • "I'm being trusted with someone's family member's story" - Robyn
  • Robyn's personal blog: Robyn Runs the World
  • 1-800-273-8255 - National Suicide Hotline
  • Veterans Crisis line text: 838255

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