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An Interview with Robyn Larkin - Running in the Heat and the Bay of Fundy Marathon - Episode 23

August 14, 2017

What you'll hear from Robyn Larkin: 

  • Knowing when to abandon the heat and run indoors
  • Humidity is what ultimately raises the body's core temperature
  • Finding ways to make the run cooler for yourself
  • Pickle juice and salt packets to replenish salt
  • Using Road ID to notify someone if you get in a bad spot during summer runs
  • Run with a buddy in the heat
  • Slow your pace in the heat
  • Run by feel in the heat, let your body tell you when to slow down
  • The Bay of Fundy Marathon
  • The Bay of Fundy tidal phenomenom
  • The added value of running small, intimate races
  • Read more about Robyn Larkin's running adventures at Robyn Runs the World

Addtional heat training resources:

 Introduction and closing song: One Flame to Burn (Prospect 7)


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