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An Interview with Julie Bravo - Tackling That First Marathon Part II - Episode 24

August 18, 2017

What you'll hear from Julie Bravo: 

  • From 6-year run anniversary to training for her first marathon
  • The feeling you get after running your longest distance ever
  • As we get older we have fewer "firsts" to celebrate. Running is a way to keep celebrating new accomplishements.
  • Struggles with stress incontinence and how it almost stopped her running journey
  • Nutrition struggles and running long distances
  • How does a recovering perfectionist deal with altering the training plan
  • The inspiration we draw on to help pull us through the longer and longer training runs getting ready for a marthon
  • "Team Andres" VS "Team Julie"


 Introduction and closing song: One Flame to Burn (Prospect 7)


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