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An Interview With Stephanie Northway

As one of the precautionary measures during the Covid-19 pandemic, all running events have been cancelled. This is the story of a young lady, who in partnership with her 7 year old son, created her own races. Together they ran and they taught and they learned and they inspired. They did this 100 miles at a time, in their back yard and in their house and going up and down the stairs in that house - thousands of times.

You can read more about this interview here: Stephanie Northway Podcast Interview Blog Post

An Interview With Soles4Souls CEO Buddy Teaster

Back in November of 2018, I interviewed Soles4Souls CEO, Buddy Teaster. It was one of the most influential interviews I've ever conducted. Listen to that conversation here: An Interview with Buddy Teaster.

Our conversation impacted my running journey. Buddy is an ultra runner. Listening to him describe a running journey that went from a few miles here in the tiny town of Ashland, Virginia where I live, to 100 mile races all over the country, inspired me to want to run longer in my own journey. 

More importantly, though, Buddy inspired my love for his organization, Soles4Souls, and the work they are doing to eradicate poverty around the world. In this episode, Buddy talks about the challenges facing their organization in these challenging times, as well as the partners they serve around the world. 

Read more about this episode here: Running4Soles

An Interview With Ultrarunner Greg Armstrong

In this episode, Greg Armstrong says, "It's good for the soul to realize that we are weak, and that our bodies are weak and our minds are weak, and we have limitations. And for me, ultrarunning does that for me."  

This conversation goes in depth about the beauty in the struggle. Both in running and in life. Struggle gives birth to compassion. 

Read more about this episode here: An Interview With Greg Armstrong

The Lions Pride Run - An Interview With Kate Fletcher

On February 17th, 2020, my friend Kate Fletcher ran her 5th Lions Pride Run to raise money for scholarships for underprivileged students in Louisa, Virginia. This years run was a 50 mile run from Louisa to the Virginia capital building in Richmond. 

Some things we talk about in this discussion:

What it means to be a part of a tight knit community like Louisa. 

Why Kate chose, unlike the previous 4 years, to run outside of Louisa this year.

Running as a creative outlet, as a way to construct something bigger in life. 

Running as a way to get into a flow state.

Running as a way to widen and broaden the way we look at the world. 

There is value in getting uncomfortable. Struggle is not something that is in the way - it is the way. 

How a teacher came to better understand her students through the sport of running.

Read more about my interview with Kate here:

JP Caudill - When Your Marathon is Cancelled You Head for the Treadmill

A couple of years ago, I had a chance to interview JP after he completed the World Marathon Challenge - 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 different continents. (Listen to that interview here: JP Caudill Episode 45).

Last weekend I caught up with JP just a week after he'd run his cancelled Shamrock Marathon on a treadmill. Many of us have had our races cancelled in response to the Covid 19 virus. JP made the decision to tackle his cancelled race on the treadmill. 

We talk about that experience. We talk about how running can help us through these challenging times. We talk about how these times are bringing new runners to the sport. 

I truly appreciated this conversation with my friend JP Caudill. 

To see pictures and more resources related to this interview, visit here at the:blog post for this episode.

Louisa High School Teacher Kate Fletcher - The 2019 Lions Pride Run For Scholarships

What you'll hear in this conversation:

Even after you've run 100 miles, a 35 mile run comes with it's own set of fears and doubts. 

Part of our human condition is doubts. And maybe that's why we run, because we love wrestling with doubt. 

Life isn't about training to be comfortable, it's about mastering our approach to life when it gets uncomfortable. 
Runners rarely win a race, they often have setbacks, yet they keep going, doing something that would be much easier to quit.

Is it possible that in a culture that is more comfortable than ever, runners are a group of people seeking discomfort, and possibly because they want the chance to wrestle with failure to see how they'll respond. 

Kate Fletcher is not a runner drawn to "racing." She talks about why it's difficult for her to find a reason to race, but relatively easy to find a reason to run. 

Whether we are running or tackling a career or a relationship, understanding "why" we do it is always the key fulfillment.

Are runners salespeople? What are we trying to sell ourselves and others through our running?

A conversation about the book Born to Run - and this idea that the secret to running is found in our capacity for loving one another. It's found in compassion. 

Maybe running gives us the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with ourselves and others we might not normally have otherwise. 

Contribute to Kate's Lion Pride Scholarship Fund 



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The 2019 Land Between the Lakes Ultra Recap

This is the podcast episode number 79. 

From my blog recap of the Land Between the Lakes Ultra

This was not the start I'd anticipated for my attempt at my longest run ever. There was no way to train for these conditions outside of daily runs through a swamp in the middle of a hurricane - neither of which I'd had access to. 

It was clear this day was about me and my heart. No coach was going to drag me through. No inspirational meme was going to coax me on. This day was about the miles I'd put on my feet and legs leading up to this moment, and whatever strength I'd stowed away in my mind. 

​And if I was lucky, this day would be about discovering some new strength along the way. ​

Listen to this podcast for the rest of this running story. 

Laura Baumgardner and the 7th Annual Run for Respect

This is the podcast episode number 78. 

Back in 2017, I met Laura Baumgartner and three of her students - Mitch, Nick and Austin - from Pontiac High School in Illinois. These young men were three of Laura's special needs students. After spending time with them, I came to see these three as just plain special.
Every year Laura and her students partner with Special Olympics Illinois to host an annual Run for Respect. The mission behind the run is to get rid of the "R-word" retarded and replace it with the "R-word" respect. I find the beauty of what Laura and her students are doing in their hearts. Laura's students aren't asking their community to respect themTheir fight is for everyone to be respected by everyone. That's a beautiful fight - a fight we'd all be well served getting behind. 

In this interview, Laura and I talk about her passion for teaching her students and for making a difference in the community she grew up in. With help from the running community, Laura and her students have been able to build a culture of acceptance and inclusion in Pontiac, Illinois.

This is a beautiful story about how one idea applied with a whole lot of heart really can make a difference in the world. 

To register for the 7th annual Run for Respect - either in person or virtually - go here:

To follow the Run for Respect Facebook Page go here:



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From 390 pounds to an Ultra Marathoner in a Little Over a Year - Meet Orlando Buck_Episode 76

Meet Orlando Buck. This is a post he shared on the Trail and Ultra Running Facebook page:

Original post December 19, 208

Good day. I would like to introduce myself to the group and explain why I am here...this may be a long post, so I thank you in advance for those who read it.

My name is Orlando Buck. I have lost over 160 pounds since March of this year. The picture below shows my before pics from Feb. and March as well as some recent pics (the top right one is from a conference I was at a couple of weeks ago and the bottom right one is me up on Charlie's Bunion on the AT the beginning of Oct.). When I started this journey I weighed 390.5 pounds...I am now below 230 pounds (and 6'6" tall). I did have the gastric sleeve to help me with portion control (the amount of stomach they had to take out was much larger than most, according to my surgeon), I eat mostly vegetarian meals (I have meat products 2, maybe 3 meals per week), and began cardio workouts (walking first, now running and hiking). I started off by walking 3 miles, then slowly added jogging. My longest run so far is 20 miles (at a 10:28/mile pace) as I train for a half marathon in Feb, a marathon in April, and a 100 mile ultra (3 races, 3 days, 33.3 miles each) in May. I have also started doing some trail runs (when I am around trails!) and absolutely love them!

I am a former Marine and I love a challenge! I believe that's why I have done as well as I have working my way up from walking to running.

So, here I am...ready to work and to be challenged. I have enjoyed reading through some of the posts in here and look forward to any information or advice you might have for me. I also look forward to meeting/seeing some of ya'll out on the trails!

After reading that post I knew I needed to have a conversation with Orlando. And this is our conversation. 


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