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Keith Cartwright interview with Kristie Allen at Run the Bluegrass - Episode 5

Welcome to my interview with Ms. Kristie Allen. I met Kristie at the Run the Bluegrass half-marathon back in 2015. Her faith and passion for life have been a huge influence on me. I'm grateful for the chance to share some of her with you in this podcast episode.


What you'll hear.



Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon

Kristie's appearance on the Weather Channel

Quotes from Kristie:

"Runnning gave me a kind of personal victory I hadn't found anywhere else"

"If I take Jesus out of the pocket I have him in, then he's a part of it with me"


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The Run the Bluegrass 2017 Race Recap and Lessons Learned - Episode 4

I want to thank my friend Kristie Allen for sponsoring episode 4. Kristie recently committed to sponsoring through my TwoTim47 Patreon page. If you think this mission is something you would be interested in supporting financially - as little as $1 a month makes a big difference - please visit my TwoTim47 Patreon Page.


What we'll discuss this episode:


  • Run the Bluegrass - America's Prettiest Half Marathon
  • Preparing to tackle the hills in a race; preparing to tackle the hills in life.
  • No matter how hard we try to avoid it, the hills are coming. Life is a conveyor belt that keeps delivering us into the challenges.
  • The fight in our wounded veterans.
  • We lean on God at the beginning and end of our stories, do we lean on him in the middle of them?
  • Who will you partner with when the challenges come. Answer that before the challenges get here.
  • Are we ever too old to improve?


Next episode: My interview with Kristie Allen


Interview With Ed Deiss about the Shamrock Marathon and the Speak Up Organization - Episode 3

Welcome to my interview with my good friend Ed Deiss. 


What we'll be talking about:

Megsmiles Facebook Page

The Richmond Marathon

"Strength in life isn't gained through success it's gained through struggle." - Ed Deiss

What are 3 AM Friends?

Running is not a solo sport; it's a team sport. 

The Shamrock Marathon

Cameron K Gallagher Foundation and Speak Up

The Cameron Gallagher Story

"There are no ordinary people" - C.S. Lewis



Recap of the March 2017 Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach - Episode 2

Come along and celebrate with me as I run my fastest half marathon ever - which doesn't necessarily mean FAST. 


What we'll talk about in this episode:

The Shamrock Half Marathon - March 2017 - Gale force winds and rain. Who on earth runs a race in these conditions?

The importance of deliberate practice - The Book "Peak" -

Is weather, especially bad weather, part of the running fun?

A good running attitude is contagious.

How to beat a PR by 21 minutes - don't ask me but I did it. 

Practice the things you are uncomfortable with. Get out of your comfort zone. 


From Running Journey to Life Journey - Episode 1

Come along as I talk about my journey from Saturday morning run to first time marathoner. A journey spurred on by the tragic death of a young mother who was struck and killed by a drunk driver while on a training run for the Boston Marathon. As I come to understand more each run how much life is like running, living my life gets easier.

We'll talk about:

The death of Meg Cross Menzies

The Richmond Virginia Half Marathon

Run the Bluegrass in Lexington, Kentucky

2 Timothy 4:7

The Richmond Marathon

Megsmiles Supporters


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